Come practice your marksmanship

The outdoor rifle range offers target placement from 25 yards out to 200 yards with the backstop at approximately 250 yards.

Targets may be placed at the backstop but may not be placed on the hill above ground level.

Covered shooting benches provide a stable rest for precision shooting or sighting in your rifle. They are big enough to keep extra magazines, tools or a notebook close at hand.

The closer target placements provide an opportunity to work on your pistol marksmanship.

Targets may be stapled or taped to 4′ x 8′ sheets of corrugated plastic sign board placed at increasing distance down range. You may also bring your own target holders but please set them up so the bullet path is parallel to the ground to avoid ricochets.



NOTE: Memberships include access to the outdoor pistol and rifle range. Access to the indoor range and shotgun range are NOT included in a Kootenai Valley Sportsman Association membership.


Yep, We’ve got rules to keep it safe and fun for all members and our neighbors


  1. Treat every firearm as loaded.
  2. Do not point a firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until on target and ready to fire.
  4. Always know your target and what lays beyond.
  • The only safe gun is unloaded!!!
  • No shooting or handling of firearms with anyone down range.
  • Keep all muzzles pointed in a safe direction (see universal rule #2)
  • Let other shooters know when you are going to shoot and when you are going down range.
  • All shots must be straight down range.
  • No metal targets, pinwheels, silhouettes, gongs, pendulums, etc.
  • No shooting into left or right berms. No targets above cut bank at backstop.
  • No shooting over targets, eye-level or lower only.
  • When hanging targets make sure they are not in front of the upright post.
  • Clean up when you are done, this includes removing targets and stands along with your bench area.
  • Take the trash with you when you leave.

Please Be considerate of our neighbors at the range

There are houses above the hill (backstop) so do not shoot above the berm or at the hill behind the berm.

Any dangerous or careless acts and acts of vandalism will be reported to the sheriff’s office.

Please help us keep the range safe.


April 1st – September 30th: 8AM until 7PM

October 1st – March 30: 8am until 30 minutes past sundown